fenriswolf: (forget all laws)

from where will a sun come into the smooth heaven

when Fenrir has assailed this one?

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Unfettered will fare the Fenris Wolf
and ravaged the realm of men,
ere that cometh a kingly prince
as good, to stand in his stead.

His brother was cast down into "that deep sea that lies round all lands"; his sister was given dominion over the frozen realm of Niflheim. He alone was raised by the Æsir, though few are brave enough to approach him. Not yet restrained by the silken ribbon Gleipnir, Fenrir yearns for his unusual pack, roams the forests uncontested and continues to grow in strength and size -- and the sense of foreboding, hanging like a darkened cloud over Asgard, grows with him.

Fenrir may assume the shape of a man, although he retains... wolflike characteristics.
Because why the hell not.


I do not own Fenrir or Jason Momoa. This character is meant to combine canon from the mythos and the Marvel Universe, but is not meant to represent either one with complete accuracy. Muse and Mun are both over eighteen.
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